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CRISiSLab Webinar: Earthquake Early Warning in China and Beyond

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

On 8 June 2023, we invited Professor Tun Wang from China to share with our Earthquake Early Warning Community of Practice on the topic of EEW in China and Beyond. 20 participants tuned in online from GNS Science, NEMA, regional CDEM groups, regional councils, universities and other related institutes and organisations.

Our speaker Tun Wang (王暾) is a Professor of Sichuan University, Director of China Earthquake Administration Chengdu Centre for Earthquake Early Warning Technology Research and Multi-Hazard Early Warning Lab of Sichuan Province.

Dr Tun Wang is a leading figure in developing Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) technology in China. Deeply affected by the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, he returned to his hometown in Sichuan from the US, where he had just completed his PhD in Physics. He then established the Institute of Care-Life to focus on research and development of EEW technology in China.

Over the past fifteen years, the Institute of Care-Life has significantly advanced EEW technology and established a multi-hazard warning platform. This platform has so far successfully issued warnings for 977 diverse hazard events, including earthquakes, landslides, debris flows, floods, forest fires, and more. Please see some sceenshots from the webinar, as well as the video recording.

To those new to this EEW community of practice, welcome! As part of a project exploring the concept of community-based EEW using low-cost sensors, we regularly host webinar sessions inviting key speakers around the globe.

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