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CRISiSLab Webinar 2024 - Experiments in Earthquake Early Warning Transplantation

On 19th March, we hosted our first CRISiSLab Webinar in 2024 inviting Dr Jen Andrews from GNS Science (NZ) and ShakeAlert (US) to present on  “Experiments in Earthquake Early Warning Transplantation”.

Jen talked about the work undertaken by the GNS team as part of the RCET (rapid characterisation of earthquake and tsunami) program to test and operationalise the FinDer EEW algorithm here in NZ. And she also shared some other EEW work from ShakeAlert in the US.

Dr Jen Andrews is a Seismologist at GNS Science. She has been working as part of the Rapid Characterisation of Earthquake and Tsunami (RCET) project, testing and operationalising a suite of tools to improve the accuracy and timeliness of scientific response information. Having a PhD in deep earth seismology she has worked in seismic monitoring and seismic algorithm development in a number of commercial and operational settings, most recently in Southern California as the staff seismologist at Caltech and an algorithm developer for the ShakeAlert earthquake early warning project.

Jen’s research interests include rapid earthquake characterisation methods for earthquake early warning and hazard response; algorithm development for real-time operations; delivery of earthquake information to end users; regional and national seismic monitoring; microseismicity, induced seismicity and reservoir monitoring. She also has experience with media and public interaction in earthquake response.

Here are some screenshots from the presentation, and please check the full recording at the end.

 Check out the full recording of the webinar below!

CRISiSLab webinar has been happening since 2020, where we invite speakers across the world to share what’s been done in the EEW space. So far, we had a number of researchers from Europe, America and Asia to share their accomplishments and progress. Subscribe to get on our email list for more things in the future.



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