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We are committed to sharing knowledge and insights with our stakeholders and communities. To this end, we regularly host webinars that feature leading experts in the field.

Our webinars cover a wide range of topics, from the latest research findings to cutting-edge tools and techniques. They are designed to be informative, engaging, and accessible, and they provide participants with the opportunity to learn from and interact with some of the most innovative and inspiring minds in their respective fields.

Experiments in Earthquake Early Warning Transplantation

by Jen Andrews

The significance of human weather- and impact- reports from a national and international perspective

In collaboration with YESS Community,
by Thomas Krennert

Evaluation of weather forecast using user feedback

In collaboration with YESS Community,
by Maureen Ahiataku

Maps, Memes, Meteorology

In collaboration with YESS Community,
by Dr BA Racoma

Citizen Science and High Impact Weather

In collaboration with YESS Community, by Dr David Hoffmann, Dr Beth Ebert, and Dr Marion Tan

Earthquake early warning in China and beyond

by Prof Tun Wang

Efficacy, usefulness, and limits of an independent EEW system in Peru

by Laure Fallou

Earthquake early warning in Japan

by Dr Masumi Yamada

An earthquake early warning for Aotearoa New Zealand

by CRISiSLab

Community Seismic Network and earthquake early warning

by Dr Monica Kohler

Earthquake early warning in Southwest Iceland

by Dr Benedikt Halldorsson

Earthquake early warning development in a diverse community of practice

by Dr Elizabeth Reddy

A new decentralised architecture for earthquake early warning

by CRISiSLab

The human side of earthquake early warning

by CRISiSLab

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