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Research Themes

Our research themes reflect a deep commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-cutting approaches that bring together diverse perspectives and methodologies. Each theme encompasses a range of topics and subtopics that are of critical importance to our organization and our stakeholders.

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Research advancing earthquake early warning through low cost hardware, advanced algorithms, and decentralised networks for data processing.

Earthquake Early Warning


Investigation towards enhancing disaster and emergency response, recovery, and management through citizen science and crowdsourcing.

Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing


Leveraging AI to understand hazards and risks, improve situational awareness, enhance communication, and support decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence


Enhancing communication technologies for crisis management, ensuring they are accessible, especially during disasters when resources may be scarce.

Communication Technologies


Research that looks into developing innovations in hazard monitoring and designing people-centred tools to enhance emergency management.

Sensor Design and Develoment

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