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At CRISiSLab, we are driven by a passion for cutting-edge research and innovation, and our work reflects our unwavering commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and diverse perspectives. Our lab is at the forefront of five groundbreaking research themes, including earthquake early warning, citizen science and crowdsourcing, artificial intelligence, communication technologies, and sensor design and development. Our PhD students are making remarkable contributions to these fields, and we take immense pride in highlighting their work. We are also proud to be a part of exciting and innovative research platforms, such as the Smart Resilient Cities initiative, transforming the way we think about research and its impact on society.

Research Themes


PhD Projects

Learn about the cutting-edge research by our current and past PhD student 


Smart Resilient Cities

A Resilience to Nature's Challenges - Urban Theme project, with contributions from CRISiSLab.

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