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PhD student showcases innovative EEW research at SSA Conference in Puerto Rico

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

PhD student Chanthujan Chandrakumar recently had the opportunity to present his groundbreaking research at the annual SSA conference in Puerto Rico held 17 to 20 April 2023. The conference, themed “Together We Advance Earthquake Science,” brought together leading experts in the field to share insights and discoveries.

Chanthujan's presentation focused on the pressing issue of false and missed detections in Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) Systems. To address this challenge, his study explored the potential of citizen seismology, where community volunteers use low-cost sensors installed in their homes to record ground motion data for EEW.

Drawing on a real-life case study of the Marlborough earthquake in New Zealand, Chanthujan analyzed the feasibility of using a citizen seismology-based approach in EEW applications. By examining data from a 48-hour time window, he assessed the performance of four P-wave detection algorithms in terms of false and missed detections.

Chanthujan's study also shed light on future research avenues for community-engaged EEWSs. These include exploring triangulation methods, developing dynamically changing thresholds, and enhancing the user experience and involvement of citizen seismologists.

Overall, Chanthujan's presentation showcased the significant progress made in earthquake science and the potential of citizen seismology to revolutionize EEW systems. His research contributes to the ongoing efforts to improve the accuracy and reliability of early earthquake detection, ultimately enhancing the safety and preparedness of communities at risk.



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