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CRISiSlab Shines on the International Stage: Milestones in France and Germany

Dr. Marion Tan, one of the key members of our CRISiSlab team, attended a tour in France from May 16th-17th, where she met with the Risk Institute Scientific Advisory Board and the Risk Institute Leadership team. This meetup primarily focused on reporting the achievements to date for the Risk Institute project and evaluating its mid-term performance. Additionally, Dr. Tan presented her research on Earthquake Early Warning titled "Warnings and the Public: Participation and Perceptions" and was invited to present at ISTerre on May 21st. Dr. Tan expressed gratitude for this invitation and delivered a presentation on "Advancements and Insights in Earthquake Early Warning Research from Aotearoa New Zealand."

Along with Dr. Tan, Chanthujan Chandrakumar, a final-year PhD student from CRISiSlab, and Lukas Kroher, an intern from our lab, attended ISCRAM 2024 in Münster, Germany, where they presented their work. ISCRAM is a conference program for academics and practitioners in crisis and disaster management. Chanthujan presented his work on "Adapting PLUM: Earthquake Early Warning with Node-Level Processing in New Zealand" and won the best student paper award, which amazed the CRISiSlab team. Lukas Kroher also presented his work on "Exploring the Roles and Challenges of Disruptive Technologies for Emergency Management in Aotearoa New Zealand." It was exciting to see him present at his first international conference.

The CRISiSlab team successfully concluded the four-day tour in Münster. This event provided a great opportunity for the team to connect with various emergency management scholars and professionals from around the world. Stay tuned for more wonderful stories from our team.



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