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Natural hazards education engagement in Rotorua

Research led by Dr Marion Tan focuses on the sustainable sharing of resources in natural hazard education and strengthening community resilience. Engagement activities are being conducted with Rotorua schools as part of the Toka Tū Ake EQC-funded research.

On 20 September, research team members Kelvin Tapuke, Brandy Alger, and Jean Donaldson went to Te Kura o Te Koutu to engage with Year-8 students on the topics of volcanic hazards, earthquakes, and liquefaction. Nineteen students got to experience various interactive demonstrations and experiments.

The research initiative aims to understand the processes, opportunities, and challenges in school engagements in natural hazards education. Consistent feedback the team has received from the teachers is that it would be helpful to have readily available resources before and after engagements. As part of the project's output, the team has developed the NZ Hazards Teaching Resources platform, where existing natural hazards education materials are collated, curated and made available online.

Read more about this engagement on Toka Tū Ake EQC media release.


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