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CRISiSLab Publications: Two Book Chapters in 'Case Studies in Disaster Response'

CRISiSLab, through Dr Raj Prasanna and Dr Marion Tan, has contributed two chapters to the newly published book "Case Studies in Disaster Response" edited by Shirley Feldmann-Jensen, Steven Jensen and Jean Slick. Published in early 2024, the book comprises 13 chapters, each presenting compelling case studies related to hazards and community responses.

In Chapter 9, Dr Raj Prasanna collaborated with Dr Nadeera Ahangama from Holmes Institute Australia to investigate how Sri Lanka copes with floods through social capital and situational leadership. The study focuses on the challenges faced by the District Disaster Management Coordinating Unit (DDMCU) in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, dealing with floods amid resource constraints, opaque procedures, political influence, and negative public opinions. The chapter explores how DDMCU builds relationships with the community through workshops, utilizing them to communicate during emergencies. The study concludes by suggesting that improving social connections and infrastructure can enhance disaster response and recovery from floods.

In Chapter 12, Dr Marion Tan and Dr Raj Prasanna contributed to the case "Social Media Use by Multiple Stakeholders and Rightsholders during the Fort McMurray Wildfires." They collaborated with Dr Sara E. Harrison from GNS Science and Dr Emma E.H. Doyle from the Joint Centre for Disaster Research, Massey University. This chapter delves into how social media platforms were utilized during the 2016 Fort McMurray Wildfire in Alberta, Canada, focusing on communication from officials to the public and vice versa. The study examines three stakeholder groups: affected populations, official agencies, and volunteers, discussing their activities on social media during the wildfire. The chapter highlights the crucial role of social media in disseminating time-critical information and addressing gaps in information retrieval during disasters.

The chapters are accessible through the following links:

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