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New Zealand Natural Hazard Teaching Resources

This page was created to bring existing Natural Hazards teaching resources to one convenient location. These resources are suited for students in primary school through secondary school.

Secondary school resources have been linked where appropriate t the New Zealand Curriculum.

This resource was created by the students of the 2022/23 Undergraduate Studies in Earthquake Resilience (USER) Programme through Te Hiranga Rū QuakeCoRE. Aoife Swinney, Bethany Millar, Jack Spring, Katy Mack, Nick Rea and Rebecca Zhang.

The page is currently being maintained by CRISiSLab under the supervision of Dr Marion Tan.

How to use this page

Click the links below to navigate to teaching resources tailored towards specific year groups.

All years

Year 1 - 4

Year 5 - 6

Year 7 - 10

Year 11 - 13

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